Motivation plays a big part of hitting our health and fitness related goals. We heart it community is a great place to find motivation but I also have a few more down to the basics kind of tips for you.

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My tips how to achieve a goal

  • Make a commitment to your goal. Maybe write it down and plan everything required to it in your calendar.
  • Have daily goals. These goals should be realistic and something you can measure. Having smaller realistic goals will give you that feeling of success everyday which will motivate you even more.
  • Obtaining objective feedback can help. It is easy for you to be blind to your own mistakes, and hence, an outsider can be of help in developing.
  • Try to avoid “all or nothing” mindset. Allow yourself to repel yourself and try to be flexible. That's how we hit them goals.
  • Take responsibility of your own goals and actions.
  • Know that with social support you will have better chances of getting into your goals.

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External and internal motivation

External motivation is based on feedback and awards from the environment, such as ratings or money, which have the closest instrument value. Internal motivation means that a person feels self-rewarding and gets a sense of inner pleasure. Internal motivation is in keeping with its own values, and encouraging itself. Internal motivation usually lasts longer and it can become a permanent source of motivation. That's why internal motivation is often better than external.

Positive emotions are important when striving towards your own goal. They give you the power to work towards the goal. There are positive emotions and engagement with the values ​​you have. Strong commitment and working towards the goal make it more likely to be achieved.

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Tuning in motivation

  • Surround yourself with inspirational and positive people. They will give you strength, support, and inspirational new ideas.
  • Be aware of your thoughts and ideas. They can make such a big difference and Clear yourself with pessimistic thoughts and suspicions, they take space in vain.
  • Go through in your mind or write down your goals and achievements on paper. Especially if you have fitness related goals, it is extremely important to keep on track with your process.
  • Keep also track of your memories and observations. How has your mind developed? Have you found new abilities in yourself?

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Sometimes, not achieving our goals is because of our lack of confidence. The goal can seem too big and that's why we don't give our best to achieve it. Sometimes it is a fear of failure. When I realise Im lacking a big dose of confidence I go in front of a mirror and tell myself a few affirmations. After that I take the attitude “fake it till you make it” and go in with all my knowledge and energy. I have done this in job interviews and practises at school. And for me it has worked every time. Because sometimes we really have everything we need to succeed except confidence.

Thank you for reading!