Hi guys, as you understand by the title of the article, I need your advice.

The fact is that my female friend from the university stopped talking to me. She does not say "Hello" as before. Appeals to me only if necessary.

On Friday, she sat down at another place and when I asked why, she replied that she wanted to change the place. Then she was gone for a whole week and on Monday she sat at the last desk, and then she called for another girl to sit by.

On Tuesday, she was not there and I wrote to her on the social network (in our country we use VK) and asked if everything was good for her and if I offended her with something, I asked for forgiveness and said that I didn’t want it (I even said SORRY). In response, she sent me a smile.

At the same time she did not unfollowed from me at Instagram and in the VK we are still "friends."

With other people, she behaves as usual.

She did not talk to another girl either (her friend from college, by the way, now her friend communicates with me).

I do not understand what is happening, or she screwed herself up or is jealous that we are good at talking with her friend or something else.

In general, if you have advice, write to me there.

Thanks for reading