The scent of marijuana
Protruding out the window.
Muffled sounds of The Smiths
Playing through the walls,
Teenage melodrama.
Everyone is gone
And the only person I want
Is with me, alone.

While everybody drinks,
We dance to songs
That will never get old
I am the happiest
I have ever been.

But as their blinks
Turn to tears,
The red eyes
And reddened faces
Realize they’re falling
At their own paces

Spring is now over
And the summer heat is
Approaching near.
There is no more dancing,
There is no more laughing.
New schools filled with fear.

Its summer now,
The trolley sings
I tell you my dreams
About how one day
We will together live.

Red velvet cake,
Baseballs and little kids
The movie plays
And just like everything,
It comes to an end.

Fall is here.
The air is dry
but we turn cold.
We're afraid
of what's to come.
We're afraid
of who we'll become

December and there is nothing
left to remember
What we had
And what we were
Is now lost within
The tiny pill.
Mistakes were made.
Anxiety and selfish desires
Fill up my head

I'm alone,
You are gone.
Drowning regret
With alcohol and tears.

I let the 50 mg take over me.