Hey okay here me out..
i know internet friends are like not the same as irl friends but tbhhh i think it would be awesome to like learn about new people and what they love and how they love. i just think the concept of meeting someone that lives at the opposite end of the world from me is able to tell me all about their life. We can be like human journals... okay maybe that's kinda dumb but whatever the point isss: Hit me the heck up!! i swear i'm a chill person unless we FaceTime or video chat i'll probably be super fracking shy and stuff but even if you got me in a bad mood i promise i won't take it out on you haha
Anyways here are my socials and if you don't have any i am totally okay with texting on this...
instagram: @/bibiatza11
snapchat: @/viviatza11
twitter: @/bibi_honeyyy
and that's all i have lol... just dm me on any of those and i'll try not to totally neglect the fact that someone has texted me
btw if you haven't picked up on it yet my name is atza
ok bye :))