autumn is the best time of the year, from the colorful trees to the fall flavors to activities like corn mazes & pumpkin carving & football games, there's so many things that make autumn such an amazing time. what better than to encompass the vibes of the fall season than in a playlist, because what's the world without music?

begin again - taylor swift

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this song... wow. one of her best songs, so of course it's on her best album (red). out of all the albums out there, red is literally autumn inside an album, everything about it is perfect. it will probably make a reappearance in this article ;) anyways, begin again is beautiful, and so is the music video, so go watch it/listen to it right now.

up&up - coldplay

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coldplay is literally the peak in music. up&up is such a beautiful song, and i 100% recommend listening to it, you need this song in your life, i promise. it gives me such fall vibes, and this song also has such an amazing music video, its super original and artistic

sunday - forrest.

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forrest. is sooooo underrated. this is the song that i discovered him with and im so happy i did. his music usually gives summer vibes, and that makes me really happy:) this song, though, also gives me fall vibes and it's super chill!

state of grace (acoustic) - taylor swift

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here it is: the next song from red. this song. THIS SONG!!! it is heavenly, and you need to go listen to it.

apart - hymner

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this song is super chill and lowkey, i love it.

new light - john mayer

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i will never not be obsessed with this song. i love john mayer's music so much, and it usually gives off an autumn vibe, so I recommend exploring his music!!

strip it down - luke bryan

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country music always gives me fall feels!! this song just always gets me in such an autumn spirit, so give it a try!

boredom - tyler the creator

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this song is also super chill, and it features rex orange county, so it's really similar to their type of music

sunflower - rex orange county

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a classic, good vibes song:)

all too well - taylor swift

autumn, nature, and fall image autumn, fall, and leaves image
yet another song from red, but are we surprised? what even is an autumn playlist without this song? this song is pure art, no matter how many times i listen to it, im always mesmerized by it.

thanks so much for reading! i hope you like these songs and they remind you of fall! xoxo, brenda 🍁🌻🍯🍪

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