Basic information

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full name: Chiasa Miyako Tsuchimikado
ethnicity: japanese
birthday: 17th of June
age: 16
height: 160cm
mbti: enfj-a
occupation: student

Physical appearance

hair, white, and ear image hair and blue image

hair: long pale blue/grey hair
eyes: light blue
skin: fair

Hero information

makeup, eyeshadow, and tumblr image anime, aesthetic, and moon image

hero name: The Princess
quirk: Miracle
hero form: hair becomes glowing peach, eyes glow blue, little white stars come on skin and looks like whole body is highlighted. ears get elongated like a fairy's. a crown made out of dragon-like scales form on top of her head
hero outfit: as if a mix between a goddess like dress and a futuristic battle armor

power: 5/5
speed: 4/5
technique: 3/5
intelligence: 3/5
cooperativeness: 2/5


Cookies, heart, and pink image pink, lollipop, and aesthetic image

Likes: sweets and other 'high class' snacks, strolling through the big halls of her home, hang out with her friends, things that many deem "dull" and "boring" (like cleaning and cooking)
Dislikes: extreme physical activity, long study sessions, returning school assignments late or close to the due date

Chiasa has spent her whole life in the high class, always had things done for her, so she doesn't have any skills in "adulting" - e.g. cleaning, cooking, baking and other 'normal' things. Though she is excited by them and wants to learn how to do them. She is quite "posh" and has the serene/elegant aura around her.

  • hardworking
  • easily excited
  • baby girl
  • posh


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Her parents are Moroyasu Tsuchimikado and Sagomi Tsuchimikado.

She is the only child, so her relationship with her parents is strong. They - as well as the rest of her family and subordinates (butlers, maids, etc) - has kind of a blind spot for her; she is always right and can do no wrong. If she makes mistakes, it's because of others and not her. But even though she has been brought up like that, she doesn't herself think like that.

She has studied in the best schools the world has to offer, but when it became obvious that she, like many others, has powers, she became a student in U.A. High School.