“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.”
Travelling teaches you about the world . When you travel you truly discover the other populations , their cultures , habits and beliefs ...
You realize how diverse the word really is far from what you see on TV and social media . You get to live the way people in other places live for a while . This either makes you appreciate the way you live in your home country or it makes you feel like it's insignificant . Either way , you put your life into prospective and you learn that people are different and that's what makes the beauty of humanity .

I traveled to a few places and that's how I know that what I said is true .

I will talk to you about the cities I visited , what I thought about them before I visited them and the impressions I had when I was there .


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Cairo is the city I visited when I first traveled abroad . I used to watch a lot of Egyptian series as a child so I knew a lot about the Egyptian culture . When I went there I realized that it is all true . The Egyptians are the nicest , friendliest and funniest people I've met . You just can't get bored of their company . The city however is not really where I'd like to spend the rest of my life . Just like I used to see on TV , it's very crowded, disorganized and not really clean. Also , the heat there is unbearable . So even if I enjoyed meeting Egyptians a lot and visiting all the amazing monuments and souks , I couldn't wait to go back home .


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99% of the people i know either visited Istanbul and loved it or would love to visit it . I just wish to never visit it again . When I first went to Istanbul , I didn't even know Turkey existed . I had no clue about that place . When I arrived there I was mesmerized by the beauty of the castles and all the monuments . Istanbul is a very beautiful city . But I just couldn't feel confortable there . This is my personal impression and I don't really know why I felt this way . And the thing that fueled this feeling was the hostility of the Turkish people I met there . I never met , not once , a nice or friendly person . I had to go to Istanbul two more times over the years and each time I wished that my impression would change but it just got worse (haha) .

Tunis (& Sidi bou said)

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Tunes nhbek barcha ! (Tunisia I love you so much in Tunisian dialect) . The country was amazing . The food was amazing . The people were amazing . Again I didn't have any idea about the city or the country but I was very enchanted when I got there . It was so hard to go back home when my trip was over . I'd go back there anytime and even live there . And only god knows how much I miss Tunisian food !


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Let me tell you that everything you heard about Paris is true . It is the city of elegance and refinement . The city is so beautiful . Every time I go there , I just want to walk in the streets and look at all the amazing buildings the whole day . Every time you visit a place in Paris , you think it's the most beautiful place you've ever seen and then you visit another one and you think the same . I could write a thesis about the beauty of Paris . And , just like you probably heard , it is the city of fashion and shopping . Just try not to get broke if you go there . The only bad thing I noticed there is that the people are not very friendly and they are kind of cold but I was overwhelmed by the city so I didn't really care about that .


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I had the chance to visit this lovely city while visiting a friend . I had the feeling I was walking around a village straight out of a fairy tale . When I was there I felt like time stopped . I was just thinking about the joy I was living in that city and nothing else . I forgot all my problems , concerns, stress and even the fact that I had to go back to school ( which came back to haunt me right after I left haha ) .


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This city was just perfect for me as a nature lover . Every landscape just left me in an awe . The food was also very good . While looking at the black sea , I just always felt so calm and so captivated . I don't know if that makes any sense but the black sea is the most beautiful sea I have ever seen . Going to Trabzon , I was prepared to meet hostile people like I did in Istanbul . Once I was there , I realized that people in Istanbul are actually nice haha ! All the nature and the landscapes and even the whole black sea couldn't keep me from hating my stay there . I might be exaggerating but when I visit a new city or country , the way people behave is very important to me . The manners of Trabzonians just made me so angry and sad at the same time . I couldn't enjoy the beauty of the city in peace .


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My favorite city in the world ! The city doesn't have a lot of attractions to be honest and yet I enjoyed my time a lot there . What's special about this city is that in some neighborhoods the buildings and the people are very modern and then you go to another neighborhood and they are very traditional . I think that this two sided nature of the city is what made me never feel bored . When I was there I tried to avoid people as much as possible to not face the same problems as in Istanbul and Trabzon . I noticed that people were not very friendly there neither but this time I didn't let it spoil my stay . Ankara was full of hills and this was what made me love the city so much . From the hills you could see the whole city . I used to stand on a hill every night and just keep looking at the city full of lights . This simple view meant so much to me . When I'd be standing there I just keep thinking about how tiny we are in this huge world . All my concerns just feel so insignificant at that time . Ah Ankara my city I miss you ..


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I visited Nantes with my family for a very short holiday . We just wanted to spend some time away so we went there . We had no idea about the city before and to be honest we didn't expect much . However , we were very pleasantly surprised . It's a lovely city with lovely people . The parks and Castle made me feel as if I was in a Jane Austen's novel . The city made me feel as if I have spent my whole life there and I just wanted to stay there forever . I can't wait to visit it again .

I hope you liked my little article and that it will make you visit some of these places .
If you have already visited some of these cities , feel free to tell me your opinion about them in private . Also if you want to tell me about other cities you have visited , I'd be very pleased to hear what you have to say .
If what I said offended anyone in any way , please know that wasn't my intention and you can send me a message to discuss that .