clouds, sky, and gif image


hair, beauty, and girl image Temporarily removed piercing, bee, and gold image blonde, hair, and silver image
tooth gap, freckles, grey eyes, platinum hair


Abusive image air, element, and floating image snow, girl, and winter image clouds, colorado, and storm image
based on the element air, she controls the wind, make tornadoes, etc


quotes, grunge, and sorry image blue, clouds, and sky image sea, clouds, and art image aesthetic, korea, and pale image
dreamy, her head is always in the clouds, kinda cold and sarcastic, but funny and playful


anna, frozen, and funny image Image removed Temporarily removed blue, music, and aesthetic image
traveling, classic music, lame jokes, watching clouds, adventures

Make up

beauty, blue, and eye image stars, makeup, and glitter image aesthetic, alternative, and baby image blue, aesthetic, and makeup image
various shades of blue, highlighter, lots of glitter and shiny things, clear gloss


indie, peachy, and kawaii pixels image aesthetic, vintage, and pink image animals, butterflies, and delicate image dress, wedding, and luxury image
very feminine, sofisticated, pale colors, dresses


art, black and white, and broken image dragonfly, wings, and dark image
dragonfly wings


flowers, water, and nature image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed butterfly, flowers, and hand image
she lives everywhere and nowhere, she travels with the wind, knows lots of places and has seen incredible things