Dear Friends,

You are far from rejected.

I know people hurt you. They may choose someone/something else over you. They may say things that hurt. But people don't define you, Jesus does, and Jesus says you're precious. He says you are so beautiful. He says you mean so much to Him.

No one can change your true value. Your true value is beyond words. There are no words, in any language, in this world that can describe your true beauty. The beauty God says you hold. And that's just in your eyes. When you smile, it's a whole other level.

But your beauty isn't in just looks. It's the way you walk and talk. The way you laugh at silly jokes. The way you tilt your head in curiosity. The way you think about others and your family/friends. The heart that you have.

You definitely aren't rejected by me, and absolutely not by God. He'd die one hundred billion times before rejecting you. He would never let you go. Not even if you tried to make Him.

Just because someone can't see your worth, doesn't mean you are worth nothing. The truth is, they can't see that they have worth. Don't be the one to not accept/see your worth, my friend.

I love you! I see your worth! I will treat you as the royal you are and are meant to be!

Your friend,


Hi, friends! I hope your day is going well, and if not, I hope this letter made it a little brighter! You are fully known and fully loved.

I love you and more importantly God loves you!

Message me if you'd like! :)

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