Dear God,

The pain of rejection has rested on me. I don't want to feel it. I tried to convince myself that it's not what I think it is. But for whatever reason, I couldn't stop the hurt that came over me.

Lord, I need your help. Your love is the only thing that can overcome this pain. Help me to remember that You have already accepted me. Open my eyes to see the love You have for me and how it never changes.

I know, Lord, that you never reject me. You always see the best in me and for that I'm so thankful. So, help God to remember Your word in hurtful situations.

Thank You. I Love You!

In Jesus's Name


Hello, everyone! I hope you enjoyed this new letter. Remember how much God loves you and know that He isn't far. He loves you and accepts.

I love you and more importantly God loves you!

Feel free to message me. :)

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