What would you say if you know that I'm in love with you, boy?
That I feel that you are perfect in almost all the senses and that you're very special for me.

And I know that you think that I don't care about you so much like you do with me, but recently I realize in time that you're more than a friend and you should know this.

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You're intelligent, so sweet and when you hug me I feel like the most afortunate person in this world, even if I am me that I go behind you to request you a hug, and you don't know how lovely it's that even if you already are inside your classroom after the ring rings after the end of the break, you leave the classroom to hug me. And I love it.

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So many times I thought that I was in love with many boys, and that was true, but I really know that this is just the second time that I've really feel this. I don't believe that you were believe me if I tell you this, but guy, I just want that you know that when you play your guitar or when you are doing your hobbies, you're the only person that my eyes can see, and my heart can feel inside of me. At that times you seem to me the most talent person in this world and probably the most nice person I've ever meet.

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And if someday we finally have a relationship, I don't know if our relationship is gonna be well, or maybe "the perfect relationship" that all person wants, but I just know that although I'm not sure of all and I don't know if things could get well, but please, risk yourself with me.

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Why we couldn't be together?

- Lenahh