So... My aunt and uncle decided to sell our home out from under us, they said we have six months to a year before they do it... But we all know it's gonna be sooner than that because of how vindictive and selfish they are.... So now... After all my planning carefully and after having had to spend 8 months unemployed and finally getting a job that pays $9/hour, I'm being forced to move back o mane in January instead of following MY OWN PLANS to move to Illinois with my boyfriend because yet again I listened to my mother and she fucked up everything for me. Just like when she forced me to move to Florida last spring.

I never have a say in what happens to me when she's around, all I get is lectures and shouted at and guilt trips and speeches about shit she is not qualified to give speeches on! Like relationship and sex and life choices stuff. Yeah she's my mother, but snce I was 14 I have been the parent and she's been the idiot teenager of this relationship, and since i am 27 now I know good and goddamn well she's never going to change and never going to stop trying to control every single fuxkng thing about me and my life while saying "I'm not trying to make your choices for you or tell you what to do, but....(insert patronizing judgemental controlling statement here)".

I'm taking sck of it.... I'm gonna lose my income, my plans are going to be ruined, it's going to take months to find another job again in Maine ( I left because there are no jobs in Maine in the first fucking place!!). I never get to put my thoughts into a conversation, there's never a damn conversation to be had!

So when I finally do move out and go live with my boyfriend, I'm never going to speak to any of my family again. All hey do is fuck me over because it's fun for them or it's easy or whatever other stupid reason they concut to justify it this time. M mother acts like I have to always live with her like I need her so damn bad, no I fucking don't!!!!! She just won't let me the fuck go and let me be alone and be adult!!! She can't stop interfering in everything I do!! She always has to ruin everything good I've going for me and then flip it around like it's my fault!!!! I don't have a family, I have band of raging assholes who look like me and act like the most useless, gutless, manipulative, selfish set of monsters imaginable. ....

I needed to rant and everyone I know is working right now.... I'm falling apart right now, I just want to fucking runaway to Chicago right now.