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This is actually my second article but I am not very proud of the first one. It was full of mistakes-grammar(because English is not my first language), and other(due to autocorrect and the fact that I am writing articles on my phone on Google Chrome). I hope that I have learned something from that article and that this one will be better.

Let's get started, hope you enjoy!

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Get started

We have all been obsessed with a TV show, an artist or actor but binge watching interviews, movies and music videos won't get you anywhere. Yes, it is interesting, and yes, you should treat yourself, BUT what is the point of watching them all day EVERYDAY? Instead, figure out what do you want to do. You could be anything and you decided to be a couch potato. I mean, come on!

You could travel the world, you could be an actor, a model, a fashion designer, an athlete or a writer... Or if you don't like bring in a spotlight you could be a programmer, an assistant, a cook... Or something ordinary but significant as being a doctor or a teacher. Find what you want and work hard for it. Even if you are too young to be anyrhing mentioned above you could strive to get as much out of life as possible and absorb knowledge for later on.

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What is success?

Okay, this is similar to the previous one but define what is success to you. Is it being a CEO or finding a love of your life. Maybe you want to be an influencer or an activist, to be heard and to help others? Or you just want do finaly lose weight... Define it and be determined and nothing can stop you!

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Smile and laugh often :)

Be at peace with yourself

This should be your priority. I think it is explained very well on the right picture. Also, something that I have noticed is that when I was insecure and unhappy with myself, that's when I judged other people the most. I compared myself to everyone I saw trying to make myself feel better. If I saw a fit girl I would think "yes she is very fit but I have nicer hair" and so on. It was very toxic and once I realized what I was doing and why I stopped. I started working on my self confidence knowing that really other people's beauty isn't absence of my own. Know your worth. I will take some time but it is life changing.

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Be grateful

Knowing that everything that is given to you can be taken from you puts things in a different perspective. Be grateful for your health and for the well-being of your loved once. Be grateful for food, fresh air, clean water, safe home, peace in your country, nice weather, education, love you are receiving... Taking few minutes once in a while to think about what you actually have will make you appreciate it a bit more.

That would be all, I hope you liked it! Thanks for support! I will write you soon โ™ก

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