I’m tired of waiting

Why it’s so complicated to find somebody who will love you, and it will be mutual
But ... if to think about this question more, you start to understand, that it’s really not that easy.
Starting with the amount of people on our planet, number of countries and cities, ending up with different cultures, mentalities, life visions, goals, characters, tastes, circumstances...
All of these can make you feel lost, because you feel that you want someone in your life, but you have no clue where to search.

But do you really need to search?

Possibly...the best choice is to trust your destiny? Of course, you have a vision of what kind of person you want to see beside you, but your heart knows better, and destiny known in which moment you really need this person in your life. Because probably everything happens for a reason and the right time just haven’t come yet...

And I want to believe that it works this way.

Because, I still have a fear, that it’s impossible, and he will never come. Maybe the reason is that I’ve never felt real love for a guy. Everything that I had was not that real, not that mutual. But I still believe, that I will meet him. I really truly hope that he will come. It will happen suddenly, when I won’t wait and think about him. He will just come and stay, and connection and sparkles will bring us together. And he will be the best for me, for the heart and soul. He will be the right one.

But I am still tired of waiting...