Hello again beautiful people! I waited too long to make this post but that's only beacause I wanted to finish watching both , TVD and The Originals, so I can have a full opinion. These shows were my two epic loves - god I love this phrase - but I am so greatfull about Legacies, I don't want this journey to end. Anyway let's begin.

1: How did you discover the show?
Okay, you may not believe this...BUT I actually had read the first 3 books before I discover the show. Of course I was too excited and fell in love with it at once and the small changes on it didn't bother me.

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2: Favourite Female Character
Well, no other than Caroline Forbes of course. To be honest ,in the books I didn't like her and I thought that she wouldn't be any different on the show. I WAS SO WRONG!

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3: Favourite Male Character
That would be the noble one, Elijah Mikaelson. I can't say much about him , I loved him from the very first moment I saw him at the begining of season 2 - if I can recall - and my love grew more everytime he was on screen.

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4: Favourite Couple
I thought I would never get over Klaroline - I still ship them - but then...BOOM... Steroline eventually happened! And it was so beautiful!

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5: Least Favourite Couple
I really didn't ship Elijah with Katherine...I mean, a part of me liked him with Elena but with Katherine?! No....

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6: Team Damon or Team Stefan?
This is complicated. I was team Damon before the show, when I was reading the books, and for a while I stayed to his side. As I was watching the story ,eventually Stefan got me. I consider myself as part of both teams.

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7: If you were a Vampire, would you drink Human or Animal Blood?
Human blood only, but of course with self control, most of the times.

8: Character You Hate The Most
Sybil...Sybil...SYBIL! I don't care about her past, what her life was like, her damaged soul I simply hated her at first sight... (Nathalie Kelley was amazing tho, and very beautiful).

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9: Favourite Season
Season 3, when we met all of the Mikaelsons and season 6 because of the one and only Kai Parker. I can't choose one, sorry.

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10: Favourite Family
The Mikaelsons , always and forever.

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11: Favourite Villain
I never imagined that I would love a villain more than Klaus, but well, it happened. Kai Parker was the defination of villain. Killing his siblings -not just putting them to sleep but actually killing them - , incapable of love and been loved, doing whatever just to have his way. He even killed his own ,pregnat!, twin sister on her wedding day! I mean, the guy was born evil, and that's what I like about him. He's a sociopath.(don't get me wrong, I'm only referring to fiction)

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12: Favourite Friendship
Alaric and Damon, best buddies.

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13: Scene That Made me Cry
There were plenty to be honest but the most heartbreaking was when Elizabeth Forbs died. I was so touched by this because I felt the pain Caroline was feeling, as I live only with my mother too. Gosh..I cried so hard.

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14. Character Who Deserved Better
Too many to count..but I would choose Rose. No one talks about her and its so sad, because she was so good and kind, full of love! And just perfect for Damon, if you ask me.

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15: Human or Vampire Elena?
Human Elena, the vampire life didn't suit her much.

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16: Human or Vampire Caroline?
Absolutely vampire Caroline! She became a whole different and better person. She was born to be a vampire.

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17: Elena or Katherine?
Both have their charms but it's Elena for me.

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18: Vampire, werewolf, hybrid or witch?
I would like to be a hybrid. A vampire using magic, it sounds pretty awesome. A heretic is considered a hybrid, right?

19: Your Crush
Can I have a love triangle please? Cause I really want both, Kai and Elijah.

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Is it weird? To love two characters that have a nothing in common?

20: TVD or TO?
I love both of them ,but maybe The Originals a little more. My favourite family is starring, I can't help it. I am aware that without TVD , TO wouldn't have existed tho.

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The End
That was long, but I am really happy that I finaly finished it. TVD and TO are of these shows that I could watch over and over again, and with the Legacies on the way I feel that this adventoure hasn't ended yet. Of course the The Originals Tag , If I were a character in TVD, and If I were a character in TO aricles are following.♡ Thank you for reading, love ya.♡