Some of my favourite photos from We Heart It organised into colour groups with some quotes ♡

Beautiful in Light Blue

Temporarily removed summer, beach, and vintage image Image by 𝑎𝑑𝑣𝑒𝑛𝑡𝑢𝑟𝑒 💫 blue, shell, and summer image Temporarily removed sky, wallpaper, and summer image
"You are my blue crayon. The one I never have enough of, the one I use to colour my sky."

Radiant in Red

strawberry, red, and fashion image red, sweater, and gryffindor image Temporarily removed red, velvet, and aesthetic image alternative, amazing, and beautiful image cherry, red, and fruit image
"Red is for fire, red is for love too, it lies in our hand what we wanna choose."

Gorgeous in Green

green, nature, and plants image green, slytherin, and door image feather, green, and red image Temporarily removed nature, green, and mountains image plants, green, and nature image
"Green is the prime colour of the world, and that from which its loveliness arises"

Magic in Mustard

yellow, beauty, and orange image aesthetic, alternative, and balloons image Temporarily removed yellow, rose, and flowers image Temporarily removed yellow, flowers, and rose image
"To wear mustard yellow in the fall is to shine like the sun."

Powerful in Purple

flowers, sky, and pink image Temporarily removed Image removed flowers, purple, and ice cream image egypt, pyramid, and camel image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
"All other colours are just colours, but purple seems to have a soul - when you look at it, it's looking back at you."

Brilliant in Brown

Image removed book, aesthetic, and library image candle, light, and autumn image autumn, fall, and leaves image light, aesthetic, and autumn image leaves, sun, and autumn image
"Pretty brown eyes and a mind full of thoughts."

Wonderful in White

flowers and white image clothes, fashion, and girl image home, flowers, and white image tumblr, marmol, and fondos y image cat, animal, and cute image blue, indie, and building image
" I think white is the most wonderful colour of all, because within it one can find every colour of the rainbow."

Pretty in Pink

friends, summer, and beach image art and flowers image Image by Nastya beach, wallpaper, and summer image Temporarily removed pink, food, and ‎macarons image
"Sunsets of pink and gold always make me dream."

Original in Orange

photography image sunset image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Image removed Image by rylie
"I want orange blossoms in my hair, champagne in my hand, and love in my heart."

Blissful in Dark Blue

girl, hair, and blonde image aesthetic, clouds, and colourful image stars, blue, and aesthetic image photography image blue, neon, and light image city, blue, and night image
"Let the blue sky meet the blue sea and all is blue for a time."

Youthful in Yellow

Temporarily removed yellow, wallpaper, and wall image yellow, tumblr, and aesthetic image art, yellow, and flowers image Temporarily removed yellow, apple, and fruit image
"How wonderful the colour yellow is. It stands for the sun."

Blossoming in Black

Temporarily removed aesthetic, black and white, and chocolate image light, night, and windows image aesthetic, aesthetics, and black image cat, flowers, and animal image flowers, dark, and black image
"She wears black but she has the most colourful mind."


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