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Now, today is time for the most inteligent house in the HP world.
Be proud of your house Ravenclaw, this is your articule <3


hair, blue hair, and hairstyle image
Beautiful and long blue hair
girl, hair, and blonde image girl, hair, and blue image
Her natural hair is blonde but she loves blue hair
skin, aesthetic, and white image aesthetic, beauty, and body image
Pale Skin
girl, smile, and black and white image
Perfect Smile


fashion, style, and outfit image
Denim Lover and Adict
bag, curls, and girl image girl, fashion, and black image chic, chicas, and fotos image accessories, accessory, and chic image
Hats are her best friends
fashion, tommy hilfiger, and style image
Just dress with grey, black and white


live, other, and pictures image quotes and responsible image
Responsability is the most important in her life
Temporarily removed
Always feeling loneliness
books, colours, and discipline image school, study, and computer image study, school, and hard image room, desk, and inspiration image
Creative, inteligent and curious


beauty, perfume, and fashion image nails, Victoria's Secret, and perfume image
Always smell super nice
Inspiring Image on We Heart It Inspiring Image on We Heart It
Alice In Wonderlan fangirl
aesthetic and moon image
Astronomy as a favourite subject
blue and books image book, read, and light image aesthetic, black, and blue image book, flowers, and pink image
Party? Sorry, I just wanna read
mug, cup, and vintage image
Collects Cups
sherlock holmes, sherlock, and benedict cumberbatch image sherlock, holmes, and benedict cumberbatch image
benedict cumberbatch image


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