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Some of you are still in school and others are already in uni or college. These are one of the best years in our lives and we should definitely take as much as we can from it. When are we ever going to be thing young again, right?

I just want to share a few ideas of what you could do!

→ Sleep with gender who wouldn't usually attract you

Abusive image aesthetic, beautiful, and black image Temporarily removed Mature image

→ Go on Tinder dates the whole week just for food (saving duuh)

date, dinner, and night image Image removed couple, food, and luxury image food, coffee, and salad image

→ Sing in front of a crowd or just in public

microphone, glitter, and music image neon, pink, and quotes image

→ Make out with a stranger

boy, girl, and goals image love, couple, and kiss image couple, love, and kiss image kiss, lesbian, and love image

→ Party all night and go to class the next day

Image removed girl, friends, and cindy kimberly image bored, boredom, and bottles image Image by cassi (ʚĭɞ)

→ Find a new friend or find a friend who is the opposite sex

friends, girl, and besties image couple image Temporarily removed couple, boy, and tumblr image

→ Say "yes" to everything for a week

green, light, and motivation image

→ Study abroad

architect, architecture, and building image Temporarily removed alone, beautiful, and blue image academic, aesthetic, and books image

→ Sneak out of a hook-up’s bed

adventures, black and white, and do not enter image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed night, sneak out, and climb a wall image

→ Dye your hair

Mature image hair, girl, and hairstyle image Temporarily removed beautiful, girl, and hair image

→ Have a weekend trip with your new buddies

Temporarily removed friends, converse, and grunge image friends, girl, and travel image friends, friendship, and girl image

I hope you guys have fun!

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