my heart aches
it wants to feel loved
to feel wanted
to feel something
other than the loneliness it feels

it wants to be able to hold someone
to be next to someone
to love someone

strange how this "love" thing works
because when the love runs out
what is there?

don't romanticize romance
because in the end'
you'll be the one hurt because
you had these expectations
these ideas of love
of finding the perfect partner
in the end, your heart said
"not him"
because he was not "the one"

how do you know who "the one" is
if you did not give them a chance

I gave them a chance
and I blew it, because now
I sit at home with an empty heart
at what could have been
if I wasn't so reckless

and I regret evaluating him
on whether or not he is the one
it turns out he was the one
after the breakup
after the tears
after lying at home with a broken heart

I knew
he was the one
but our love ran out
and my heart still aches

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