Because it is almost winter, I thought it would be nice to write a article about winter essentials. So I have put everything in a row what I like the most during the winter.

Cozy Sweaters

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yep I think this is the most basic one. But everyone needs this with the cold winter days. (I have to buy a few myself because I only have one:( )


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Your lips are extra dry in the winter because of the cold. So it's really important to use lip balm during the winter.

Good Books And Movies

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There is nothing better when it's cold outside to read a book of watch a good Christmas movie. ( Soon I'll make a list of the best Christmas movies and series)

Fairy Lights

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I prefer to hang fairy light in my room all year round. But sadly it is more something for the winter, I think. That's why I'm extra happy when I can hang them up again in the winter.

Red Lipstick

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I really like red lipstick for the winter. It makes your make-up look complete for a special moments like Christmas.


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Candles are perfect for a cozy winter atmosphere.


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Every year again you see glitter everywhere in the winter fashion trends.

I hope you liked this article. <3
Btw I would like to write articles more often because I think it's super fun to do. I'm going to try to write once a week.

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