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So, this is going to be my November 2018 playlist, depending on the length I may split it into 2 parts :) I'll leave a link for it and my socials below.


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This song is an actual bop! Despite its simplicity in its lyrics, it's meanings - much like all of the 1975's songs - are deep as hell. My favourite lyric is "She said that I, I should have liked it. I told her I only use it sometimes. Except when I, I need reminding. I'm petrified (I'm petrified)" because Matty is saying that social media scares him so he doesn't use it often. It's definitely a contender for my favourite song by them!!

2. Chillin' like a Villain - Sofia Carson, Cameron Boyce, Booboo Stewart and Mitchell Hope

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Yes, I know this is from a Disney film but hear me out. It's a great song and I really don't know why I love this song so much. Sofia Carson's voice is beautiful and stands out impeccably against the male voices yet fits in so smoothly.

3. Something Beautiful - Larkins

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"I've been here a thousand times, but I didn't want you to know. I read between the lines but I didn't want you to go." Is how the song starts, the song and band are equally amazing and I can promise this isn't the last song by Larkins on this list, Sorry haha. I've had this song on my playlist for the past 2 months and I'm not angry about that at all and I recently had the pleasure of seeing them live and meeting the lead singer, Josh, who is absolutely lovely.

4. Love it if we made it - The 1975

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Easily the most political song made by the 1975 and the least apologetic. Matty manages to drill into how a lot of young people feel and what is being seen in the media and throughout the world all while creating an upbeat tune, which at first deceives the listener until the lyrics are recognised.

5. It's not living (if it's not with you) - The 1975

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I guess you're seeing a pattern here, yes I'm obsessed with The 1975 and anything similar. Again, a great song, I have no qualms with this song and I honestly cannot wait for the album to come out.

6. Grace - Lewis Capaldi

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My boyfriend actually showed me this song and it truly is beautiful, his voice, the lyrics all fit together which so much grace - I'm so sorry, I had to haha. The video is also something you should watch, it's different.

7. Hit and Run - Larkins

This was the second song I listened to by Larkins and I must say I was not disappointed! With lyrics like: "Is it all in the way, you're walking? Or is it all in the way you move? Cos I don't know if its the way you're talking. God knows I'm into you." and " You're the war of a symphony and I'm behind enemy lines." It proves itself to be a great song, both I and my boyfriend sing along to this on a daily basis.

8. Thank u, Next - Ariana Grande

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What can I even say about this song apart from that it's perfect?! Ariana Grande is one of the most influential artists of recent years in my opinion and deserves so much.

9. Break Free - Ariana Grande

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I've always loved this song and since a friend of mine told me it sounded even better loud and played it in the car, my obsession has returned and now I'm 90% sure my neighbours despise me (I joke, the speaker is always set to a reasonable volume)

10. Sugar Sweet - Larkins

Another song by Larkins, you must be fed up of seeing the name but nevertheless, if you like the 1975 I'm sure you'll like Larkins, they have a similar vibe and Josh looks a little like Matty and has his hair flip down to a T (I don't believe they are trying to copy them so please don't send them any hate because they are all so so sweet and I would hate it).

11. Red - Pale Waves

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This song was shown to me by a friend a few days before we went to a Pale Waves gig and for some reason, I missed it the first time I listened to their album. Heather has such a good voice and this song has been on my monthly playlists for around 3 months now!

12, 13, 14, 15. All Larkins songs: The tale of Cassandra, Let your hair down, Wasted Years and Velvet.

I thought I'd put these altogether cos the last thing I want to do is bore everyone with the same artists. So, all in all, LISTEN TO LARKINS!

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