I had a short time without writing. But today I was inspired by a wattpad fanfic book. It name is Kiara. She is famous, the eldest of the jenners, Bieber, Amber Rose, G-Eazy and Shawn Mendes ex's. And it's a crazy, strange and complicated story. But still. You fall in love with her and her imaginary protagonist.


anxiety, darkness
maybe it's the same without you
just think that you are now
touching another sky, I'm dying

think that those delicate hands go through another skin
right now I just want to give the button "go out"

I know I am very complicated.
maybe that's why you're not
I thought that bizzle would be my life
but now he is not
explore among the rainbow
and I saw where my sexuality took me
fight with gerald. I left him when he needed me the most

and now you are
a gentleman with black hair
with your beautiful deadly weapons
which you call teeth
I remember your flushed skin after finishing running
between clouds and humidity
I found poison on your lips
and I'm afraid that is the cure for my disease
You are my vice, darling

If I am a hummingbird, then you are my pollen
If I am a pirate, you will be my treasure.
If you are a prince, then I will be your sword.
because we go, you know perfectly well that the princess will not be

I'm different from the girls in the fairy tales
I've slept for a month, and even then you do not say anything
I've slept with many, and that's no surprise
I have graduated in many ways
but you will be morphine to my pain.

because you will be the cure for my disease
Am I wrong in the head
So I have questions, for your bed
it is not normal for me to be the one to pray
neither do you think I will always
I just want to make clear, that I will always love you
I'm in love, something infatuated
and it's nobody's fault.
only Cupid who is now a traitor

and I want you to know, that if you go
Say you will not return. Because honey, you know I can never say it.
I'm weak, nothing brave. I always told you to see everyone naked.
But I could not stop shaking myself.

you're my trust issues