Four years ago, I met the guy of my dreams. he had blonde hair brown eyes and a very cute smile. He was so kind the words that came out of his mouth were those out of a romantic novel. He stole my heart the day we first met. the first time I ever met him he asked me if he could buy a cigarette off me and I give him one for £1. Which in all fairness was a lot but he gave me the £1 and I rolled him a cigarette. My boyfriend at the time was not impressed but he wasn't the best, that's another story. I thought nothing of it at the time.

Time went by and then one day i saw him again, i was doing a presentation for the volunteer group that i was a member in. i went to info-nation where i was meeting nick the guy who was running the group to run through the presentation, the he walked in and i smiled at him, he sat there with me when i was working on the presentation on the computer until info closed after that we had some time to kill as he was going to be at the presentation event.

we walked around the town center wondering what to do for the two hours we had to kill. we ended up at the bus station where his friends were at and we smoked a cigarette and he introduced me then when it was time we walked to the center where the event was being held at. At this point i was very anxious to say the least but he helped me calm down.

we walked in the center and we had to sit separately as we were a part of different volunteering groups. we eat food then we watched other groups present their presentations. Then it was my turn to present our groups presentation. i was so nervous during that presentation i kept on looking at him and he helped me so much during that night by just smiling at me and telling me to breath. That's when i knew that he was the one.