My baby girl Lizzie is the same age as Oona now. We found out she's a tiger. I woke up yesterday morning and she was in tiger form ripping apart all of the pillows. Now she agreed on using makeup to express herself instead of turning into tiger form. I didn't even know being a tiger was a real thing. One unicorn and one tiger. I have odd kids. It could be a lot worse, though. And it's all because of Cora. Well, Charlie and I produced Oona. Lizzie was made by Cora.

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I walked downstairs and saw Oona preparing breakfast.

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I was about to scold her for cooking alone when I saw Audrey looking in the fridge. "Morning," I said, taking a seat at the kitchen table. Lizzie was still asleep. "Morning, mommy," Oona said. "Hope you're in the mood for blueberry waffles," Audrey said. "I definitely am," I replied. Audrey started setting the table.

I felt like someone was watching me so I looked around. I saw a tired looking twin against the wall. "Peek a boo," I smiled.

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She smiled and took a seat across from me. "Callie?" I asked. I cannot differentiate between the two. Hopefully when they grow up they won't look so similar. "Astrid," she corrected me. Then she pointed outside. I looked outside and saw her sister walking on the porch. "That's Callie," she confirmed.

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"Right...thank you," I said. "It smells delicious in here," I said. "It smells gross," Astrid said, kicking her feet. "That's rude, Astrid," Audrey said from the kitchen. I hear Astrid's upir. I'm not exactly sure what that means, but I'm assuming she doesn't eat human food. I've been trying to be as human as possible these days. I don't want to know what she eats. Nope. I'm happy with my unicorn and tiger girl. They eat human food. I won't allow Lizzie to feast on flesh. Nope.