Good evening everyone! 💓

Today has been a crazy day...😭
- slept 4 hours because I was feeling bad for some problems with my friends 😴
- weighted myself and orrible result 😦
- cried and argued with that friends🤬
- caming home it was sooo cold, I was freezing. ❄

But now, let's return to my first week. I worked out 5 times, I did Legs and 🍑, Upper body (arms and abs), stationary bicycle, full body workout and dance workout.
My diet was quite good, I think I ate less that usual and with a good quality of food, even if sometimes I ate like 2 squares of dark chocolate. 🍫

During that week I felt like my body was changing and I was losing some weight, but nothing has happened. The scale said again 62,9 kg. I haven't lost anything! I'm honest, that is pushing me down a lot, because I really dedicated myself to focus on that and make it a priority, seeing no results makes me feel unmotivated to go on. 😢

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Despite that I try to really enjoy the journey and not get mad about what has happened, because it's a long path and I won't see changes so fast.
I'll keep going, because fitness is becoming my therapy from the world and the people.

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My next week goals are:

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✅focusing more on my diet and my water
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✅working out 3 times a week

✅losing 0,3 kg

What about you? Which are your goals? How did this week go? Let me know! 😘
I hope the next week I'll start to see results and tell you of them!
In the meanwhile, I go to relax a little bit after this caothic day😫

Goodnight everyone,