With hands full of cookies, he returned to the pay-desk without noticing the "black" girl who lined up behind him...

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_Mark was quite abscent minded sometimes. Now, while waiting at the queque, his thoughts were faaar away... What if Taeyong and Lucas were kidnapped? Will the new students be cool? If I sit with my back against the mirror, am I sitting behind myself...
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The cashier had two call out to him several times. Mark vacantly pulled his purse out and... a small hand wrested it, someone elbowed him and he saw a dark figure leaving the supermarket. The boy needed some time to realize what happened. Then he cursed and dashed out.
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He stopped outside and casted his eyes about.

There she is! The robber was a none other than the dressed in black girl.
Because of the time Mark wasted to collect himself, she had a considerable precedence over him but his legs were stronger and faster. In less than a minute he shortened the distance between them. The girl began to lag. Now Mark needed only to stretch his hand and seize her...

" MARK, WATCH OUT! ", sounded two familiar voices. Mark looked around and realized that he and the girl had darted to the middle of the roadway. A car was scudding impetuously along. Mark cried out with fright, grasped the girl and pulled her away just before the car would have dashed her. Her black cap fell and uncovered her face. It was very pale, with a small turned up nose and strikingly big eyes. Mark relaxed his lock while looking at her. They both stood without moving for a while, staring at each other.
The shoplifter came to her senses, teared herself out of Mark's arms and made off.He didn't try to stop her.

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"Oh my god, Mark, what was that?!", sounded the same familiar voices again. Mark lifted his head to see Taeyong and Lucas running to him.

He just stared at them without answering. "She was cute...", thought he...

to be continued