Name: Mabel Gardiner ( most of the people call her Bel)

Age: 17

Birthday: August 16

Zodic: Leo

Coven: The white tree


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Golden skin, silver hair (in the moment), plump lips and light brown eyes


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they have to use black, cliche I know.


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itยดs like a sorority. There they can live a normal life and learn more about their magical powers. They live among humans in order to not be discovered.


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tarot reading,levitation. spellcasting and talking to the dead. Every witch can do any kind of megic or spells but they can do some of them better then others


Coven friends

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Arabelle, Yoon, Hunter and Alice

school friends

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Kaya, Evelyn, Connor and Taemin


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Taemin ( the caracter looks like tae from bts but is not him)

other important people

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Noah, Jack and Jamie. The three of them lived together and they helped mabel a lot during her life, they took care of her when her family died. They are really good witch and every one knows who they are ( they are older then they look)


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the ring of the family, her birthmark and her pet (Morpheus)

That is it
bye bye