Hi lovelies tonight i wanna tell you a story of one night dream.. I don’t know about you guys but I dream like if i was watching a movie, I don’t understand it too !!!

but anyway lets start

Initially I saw a beautiful city on the seaside, It looked like one of the old decades not really sure!!.... In a moment of silence and at night while the city was asleep the enemies attacked the city and terrified the families, the families who were able to escape went running to the seaport to emigrate and survive.

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between the families who ran to the port there were a beloved young couple (girl & boy), they were maybe 16 or 17 years old, sadly they have separated from their family but luckily they stayed together and escaped the town riding one of the ships.

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The couple traveled through the sea to a nearby foreign country they know nothing and they had nothing but themselves they stayed together holding hands so tightly. when they were there in the new country it wasn't a happy and relaxing moment they can’t speak the language, they don’t have money and they were very scared to meet the people of that new place. they decided to walk away from the busy seaport to have calm moment so they can understand what just happened to them and what they will do! they walked to the other side where it was calm shore and nice sand. while they were walking on the beach they saw a huge building of an establishment (it looked fortified) and luckily because it’s located on the beach the base of the building was raised and built on pillars, one of those pillars was a storage room so the couple stayed in that room.

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The boy decided to take the lead and visit the nearby town hopefully he finds food, job or a better place to stay he kept visiting the town leaving the girl all alone in that small room by the beach. visiting the town and searching took really long time so the boy had to return late, but one day one happy day he returned with very big smile he found a job with old man working on carpentry and blacksmithing 😊 ... but he didn’t and couldn't find the girl!!!!!!!!!!!! The boy was scared and terrified where is she? he spent his all energy looking for her here and there but couldn’t find her anywhere. he became very desperate, laid his back on the building's wall took heavy and fast breaths while he can't hide his tears anymore.

After a while he heard a group of people talking and it seemed they came from that building, but it was the first time that he sees someone get out from the building and that's why he never wanted to get in to the building before!!! he tried to sneak in to see them but what wasn't expected that the girl was with them, they were a group of teachers found the girl in that storage room and they took her to help her. And actually that building was an internal girls school with huge immunity the reason why they couldn't hear a voice or see someone out before!!!!!!!!! luckily they looked very friendly and smiley they welcomed the girl and they were discussing about how to help her and teach her the language and make her a student.

the boy started crying as he was very thankful for all of that, he really wished her best life with good education so he decided to leave her there with no talking he went back to the town to work, he kept thinking about the girl so his plan was to work hard save money for both of them to live a better life with her in future.... I woke up crying because it was like real life 😭 i hope they reunited again ....

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thank you for reading <3