Dear reader, this challenge I found on the WeHeartIT, but now I can't find the hearter I took challenges from, so if there any chance you saw or know this person feel free to sent me. I will be very happy to tag the source.

1. dream travel destination

I think Asia (specifically Japan, China, India) would be interesting since they are absolutely different from things I know and had experienced.

2. where you'd like to be in 10 years?

So I think it shouldn't be a place necessarily. It is a feeling definitely. I want to be happy with my work and people I'm spending time with. I want to feel confident with myself.

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I want to be kind to myself. I want to have a family or at least plan it in the future, be able to support my dreams to become reality and help other people become happier.

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3. letter to somebody, anybody

I want to write a letter to a person I want but can't send anything at the moment regardless of how much I hate unanswered messages.

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Hey, You. It is funny we called each other not by names but by the personal pronouns.
I want to apologize for the late reply. I don't have a real plan yet to share but I still think any reply better than total silence. I really appreciate your time and what you shared with me. I'm really happy for you, you know it. I wish you all best.

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4. what, why and where do you write

This day challenge was the reason I started 5 challenge in the first place.
I never focused my attention on these details of my work.

Usually, I write about things I'm passionate about. I really like to write letters to people which will never be seen by the person whom I'm writing to.

I find it tremendously therapeutic. You get a chance to spill my thoughts on the page and reread it, take a look, analyze it, take it out of my system/head.

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My room is kind of safe space for me. Recently I learned how to type fast without looking on the keyboard and I do it on my laptop.

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It is old and pretty cheap therefore is not easy to carry around. But also I enjoy writing on my phone a lot. Sometimes it is the only thing I have on me so there is no other choice. I enjoy writing on paper. I find it easy to carry around. Paper and any pen will work for me. Since I'm an artist I make sure I have the nice paper I like, some fine colored pens, pencils, and markers depending on the mood.

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If it is a laptop I'm writing with then I'm at home.

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If it is the phone it means I'm writing on the go. I'm either traveling or just far from home.

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I think it was kind of intentional to learn how to work (make art, write, make everything done) wherever you are with what you have on your hands and make most out of it.

The only thing is that I have to be left alone for the time of creation. I don't mind being distracted by someone but I prefer not to stop until I'm finished if I can. It is better to edit what you wrote on the next day after you've done creating. The fresh view on your text is the best thing you can do to your writing. Sometimes you did such a great job the is no need to edit anything.

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5. a problem in your life

I struggle with my confidence in myself. Most of the time people around me say I am very gifted and talented and have to believe in myself. I developed some techniques to keep myself inspired and confident (doesn't work all the time). First of all, I should put myself in someone else shoes. See my work and actions as if it was made by someone else. I take breaks. I go away. I find ways to recharge.

Thank you for your time!