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On today's article, i will be giving you some advice for school and I want you to know that school is an also a way for success and even if you dream do be something that you don't need to have a school degree you must study because its important and it will help you on future. I already posted a similar article before but I hope this one will be a better one for all of us ♡.


☼ Before school starts ☼

Set goals

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setting goals meant that you are determined to achieve things + you will never forget what you are working for.

prepare yourself

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because there will be times when you are getting stressed so prepare what quotes will keep you going.

Buy the most important materials

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and don't spend all your money on it.

☼ At School ☼

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-pay attention in what your teacher says and make notes.
-If you have a question, ask your teacher. don't be ashamed because maybe it will help someone else too.
-dont compare yourself to someone is doing better than you, because you will always feel that you are not good enough.
-try to relax your brain before taking your exam. Don't stress about it because it will make you forget what you have studied.
-be thankful of your grades, don't overwhelm yourself if you don't get full marks.

☼ At Home ☼

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-make a to-do list. which subjects you will study, homework, or projects. and set a timer for each task.
-surroun yourself in a place that inspires you to study more and gives you a great mood of studying.
-start early, don't waste your time waiting for the last minute to start doing your work + don't reward yourself before you start working.
-start working then reward yourself... 1-hour doing your work then 30 min for a break...and do the same thing continuously till you finish.
- ➀ read the topic on your textbook and highlight.
- ➁ summarize everything and keep it neat
- ➂ study only your summaries.
- do your homework and projects.
- try to answer using your own knowledge.
-keep your notes organized. when you make summaries and you organize your topics, studying will be easier

☼ Hanle failure ☼

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- see what went wrong
- don't be hard on yourself, failure will always be part of our lives.
-work hard and don't lose your determination.

☼ Reasons to study ☼

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-because when you finish your high school with high grades you will be proud of yourself, you will be saying.." I did it, I work hard and i deserve all this As "
-you can get good grades
-so you can pay back for your parents one day
- because your children will have the best life
- To get that dream job, and live that life you always wanted.
  • that's all for this article, sorry if it was a little long.
  • But I hope you enjoyed reading it and get inspired and motivated.
  • Feel free to send me your feedback on my articles...

Published on 15.november.2018