Day 7: List 10 songs that you're loving right now.

Hey all!

So I really feel a big conection to music, because I listen to it every free second and even when I am doing my homework. I like to surff into different genres and find something new everyday. So here's my 10 top songs now, they are all different, I hope maybe you will find something you like and yeah... let's get it!

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1. BTS - Crystal Snow
So the story behind this one is that I found it just receantly and I just fell in love with the vibe of it. It's sounds so beautifull and makes my soul just in peace.

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2. BTS - Sea
This is just a beautiful song. It helped me to go trough hard times and some of the days I felt asleep listening to it. The lyrics also have deep meaning so it's not just a pretty melody.

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It just gives me Christmas vibes. I remember when we had first snow this year receantly(even tho it lastet for just a day) I just played this song, looked outside and drank coffee and... I really felt happy...

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4. RM 'seoul (prod. HONNE)'
There's not a lot to talk about. His voice, lyrics and just the whole peace is a complete masterpiece. Just like him itself.

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5. Joji - YEAH RIGHT

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6. George Ezra - Shotgun
I love this guy. He helped me to go trough my hard times. He always makes me smile. I saw a few of his performances live and it was hella good. He is such a positive guy and I love him for it.

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7. BTS (jimin) - Lie
It's a masterpiece with a good idea inside. It talks about self hate, not finding peace with yourself and hate the way you look like. I think Jimin is very brave to let his feelings out when he is idolised and share with all of us about the things he is dealing with that are not so perfect. It helped me a lot, because I also struggled and I am still sometimes beating myself down, so this song is def an inspiration for me.

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7. Abudu - Pavasaris
So this group is from Lithuania and from my city. They are very inspirational and their work amazes me everyday. I was in a couple of their concerts and trust me, it was wild. I mean they came all the way from this small city and now they are performing in festivals and all other big places... Check them out, you will be amazed ;)

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9. George Ezra - Paradise

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So yeah, here you have, 10 songs that I really love :D I hope you guys like it and maybe find something new. There's a lot of other songs I would like to share but today we only have place for 10 of them. :D So yeah, have a great day, smile, be happy and rest well, ;)