Hey guys.
It's the 4. day,and we've got an interesting theme.So...

4.List 10 things you would tell your 16-year-old self if you could.

1.The first and the most important:START TO LEARN!
So it was a terrible year for me and I started to neglect the school and learning and this was my biggest mistake because I failed. And now I know what to want and I have to learn a lot,because knowledge is a power.And I can reach my dreams only this way.

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2.If he left you,don't let him to play games with you!
I loved and love that guy,and we're still together but it was a mistake anyways,which made me suffer.

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3.Be patient with your father!
As you can see the earlier article,we had hard times.

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4.Start workout!
I would start it then and don't stop, but it's never too late!!

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5.Start eating healthy. I would. I should. I will.

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6.Enjoy that christmas with your brother because I can't promise there will be an another with him.He's busy.

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7.Don't waste your last day in 2016 with sadness!
I was sad.And I didn't like this new year.I was with my friends for a couple days but on 31 of Decebmer some more people came and I didn't liked it that much.

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8.Don't go on date with that girl!
So I dated a girl,and it was a mistake. I don't say it because of she is so terrible just we don't meant to be for each other. Our religions are opposites and she wasn't too nice and kind and undertanding,so.. yeah

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9.Don't do stupid things with that girl!
Same story I did everything she said because of I was lonely and I didn't care if i'm alive.

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10.I'd go to myself and tell the guy's name who is my best friend now and say ask hi to help and don't make any stupid things. Important!!

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So that was it for today.
Thank you for reading this.