• age
I'm fourteen years old

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• birthday
August 29th

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• color
pink ( rose, coral )

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• Disney movie

maleficent, movie, and disney image maleficent, Angelina Jolie, and disney image

• everyday starts with
washing my face

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• favorite food
pancakes! I love them so much!

food, pancakes, and strawberry image asian, china, and food image

• greatest passion
painting and shopping

art, artist, and ocean image chanel, dior, and moment image

• height
I'm 5'3

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• interests
art and writing! I love to put my feelings on paper and later on to remember what was my emotions while I was panting/writing

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• job of my dreams

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• kids
I would love to have 2-4 kids

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• least favorite quality
overthinking like a lot overthinking

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• movies
Harry Potter, Twilight

harry potter, hermione granger, and ron weasley image Copyrighted image

• number of siblings
two - older brothers

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• one wish
my wish is to live beautiful life

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• personality
I'm shy when you first meet me, but when you get to know me I open up fast. Also I overthink so much about everything, but sometimes I just breathe in and let it go. I'm a bit weird, but I'm trying to fit in.

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• questions I'm always asked
where did you buy it? why are you sad?

girl, grunge, and train image Image by cassi (ʚĭɞ)

• reasons to smile
family, friends, cute puppies, Christmas, good memories

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• song you last sang
all I want for Christmas is you

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• TV show
Teen Wolf

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• underwater animal

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• vacation spot
Bali, Indonesia

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• worst habit
biting my lips

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• x-rays I've had
my teeth and lungs

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• your favorite drink
mint tea

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• zodiac sign

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