Hi, again..

Today was a weird day. First of all I went to bed around 22:00 last night and fell asleep. I woke up a 00:00 and thought it was morning already, it wasn’t ofc. Then I fell asleep and woke up around 04:00am again thinking it was time to get up, it wasn’t though. I fell asleep until my alarm went off at 06:00 am. I went in the shower and I wasn’t sleepy at all, it felt weird.
I was the only one who had woken up in my family, so I closed the door and went to school at 07:20.

You know when you have those days where you feel like you can’t speak, talk or move your mouth? I had those days today, I was in my head all the time. It felt like my brain had a «staring moment» you know when you´re eyes sometimes started at one thing for a long time and its hard to look away, ´cause its kind of relaxing? Yeah, like that, just with my brain kinda..

After school I joined a friend of mine and my boyfriend to grab a bite. I didn’t have money though so I didn’t buy anything, and I was staaaarving! Well, we sat there chatting for an hour or so until they had to go back to school and work with a project. I had to go home, and I didn’t want to. It was already starting to look pretty dark outside, and it was rainy. I really didn’t want to go home at all. I’m so alone at home, and its kinda sad. Its always dark ´cause the lights are off, my mom is either sleeping or working and my sister and dad works until late everyday. I’m used to camp at my boyfriends house, so being alone at home with no food, no-one to talk to and the thought of not wanting to be at this place, isn’t a very good feeling. I don’t like it, heh. I want to move so badly into town, where I have all my friends and people that I actually like, comparing to this hole. I get so silent, I don’t know what to say. Its like my head is full of thoughts and feelings that is all over town.

I’m very stressed at the moment. I’m so stressed I’ve struggled with headache in 3 weeks. I have been sick too much from school I’m in danger of not getting assessed in 6 subjects.... I do have a valid medical certificate, but my teacher is sick so she doesn’t get it since she’s never at school. And the fact that I get to many warnings makes my mum go crazy. She is so mad at me that she ignores me, and she has done so for a couple of days know. I don’t really care though, since I do have the valid medical certificate and that it is my teachers false... But anyways, it makes a lot of stress for me bc she threats with not paying for school anymore, and that scares me... So idk what to do...

Well, well...

I don’t know what to write anymore, so I’m going to say gbye.