Hello boys and girls and everyone in between, above, and below! Today I've been feeling really angry with the world and just started thinking about things I hate and then I just thought that I should make an article about things I hate...? But it felt too negative and kind of boring so I decided it'd be better if I also included things I love. And then it became hate - dislike - like - love because I realized I didn't feel so strongly for all those things lol. It's kind of dumb, and super lazy but it was fun so it's aight.


some things I hate

skinny jeans
as, ass, and bathroom image girl, body, and jeans image
that god awful jeggings type shit,,, they're so ugly honestly. sorry not sorry
when someone cares too much about me
quotes, The Breakfast Club, and 80s image Temporarily removed
it just irks me out? does that make me an asshole? maybe, but like, you don't need to care so fucking much, I certainly don't either need nor want you to, just stop
herbs, green, and leafy image cilantro, feta, and watermelon image
tastes like soap and overpowers every other flavour. out with it.
when people don't believe me
Image removed quotes, sad, and black and white image
regardless if I'm telling the truth or not, that shit hurts man
deep water
Temporarily removed photography image
they call it thalassophobia

some things I dislike

neon lights
aesthetic, burgundy, and dark pink image kiss, neon, and pink image
idk I just think they're ugly
super sweet stuff
Image removed chocolate, food, and sweet image
yeah, I don't have much of a sweet tooth
the color red on myself
beauty, makeup, and style image Image by val
it's cute, just not on me
when I drunkenly over share
anxiety image stop and talking image
drunk me is literally a whole different person, like, I seriously don't know her.
dark makeup
model and backstage image 2000s, 90s, and black image
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ just,, nah

some things I like

scrunchies and aesthetic image hair, outfit, and scrunchie image
honestly? fucking god tier
fantasy books and movies
moon, black, and aesthetic image train, green, and nature image
Harry Potter, The Young Elites, Narnia, Fantastic Beasts - all that stuff man
quotes, cigarette, and serious image cigarette, lipstick, and smoke image
I don't smoke on a daily basis but,, it's nice
Italian everything
Temporarily removed blog, blogger, and inspiration image
the language, the food, the nature, the architecture...
architecture, art, and vintage image statue, art, and aesthetic image
dear future love interest: if you want to take me on a date, take me to a museum. and to everyone else: if you ever get the chance to visit The Louvre, take it.

some things I love

pretty cinematography
beach and summer image girl, cry, and eyes image
the cinematography is what makes the film interesting imo, without it it isn't much
a good fuckin jacket
Prada, fashion, and aesthetic image style, fashion, and girl image
preferably vintage
ballet, dance, and ballerina image Temporarily removed
I've never danced, haven't taken a single class. but I love it so much, always have, always will.
laughing with friends and family
girl, smile, and hair image Image removed
nothing beats having fun with the people you love the most. because I'm cheesy like that :-)
b&w, gif, and pretty image stars, sky, and girl image
looking up at a starry sky gives you perspective. like, do you realize how truly alone and lucky we are to exist in such an enormous space. it's pretty insane, if you think about it. also, stars are really pretty.


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