Next summer I am going to graduate the German Abitur and after years of studying I decided to enjoy my life. So here is a list about things I want to do.

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1. visit the Hurricane Festival
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2. travel to Mallorca with my best friend
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3. have really good nights at Mallorca
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4. Visit London with my sister
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5. Plan a roadtrip to the beach with my boyfriend or with my friends
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6. Get my Conch pierced
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7. Get my nipples pierced
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8. Have fun with my family and friends at the Abiball
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9. Take care of my body
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10. Take care of my mind
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11. Go bungee jumping is one of my bigest dreams

So these are a couple of thing I have planned in Summer 2019.
If you like this article, I could do a second part.

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