i'm quite the movie critic & hence, i brought you this review. i will try to avoid spoilers at all costs !!!

first and foremost, i am hard to please and i have high standards. however, the chilling adventures of sabrina (season 1) consists of only 10 episodes and in that 10 hours, i had a freaking great time!! i never read archie comics before so i had no idea what to expect. my friends didn't knew this show existed but i learnt about it through instagram explore page lmao

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so i was expecting something like stranger things but truth is, i never got past s1e2 of stranger things (please don't attack me) despite it being so popular and having read compliments for it.

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on the other hand, i knew next to nothing about the chilling adventures of sabrina apart from the fact that it would be about witches and it would be spooky. i decided to give this a try anyway and about 20mins into the show, i have already decided to dedicate my whole day and the next watching this to the end.

and i did.

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i can easily rate this show a 9/10 because i love the plot and the characters. i'll elaborate on that now...

1. the short 10 eps gave me insights to almost all the characters' lives, not just the protagonist's alone.

i love this because it makes the show seem more realistic (despite being a show about witches) and less dramatic. in many horrible shows, over-emphasis on the protagonist makes everything seemingly filtered(?) as if the other people don't exist. cliche in the protagonist's lives makes things ten times worse and i would have dropped the show or movie extremely quickly. i will not go in depth to pinpoint the different aspects of every side character in the show to avoid spoilers but here are the few key things that i like in my characters, be it main character or not:

i. personality and attitude.

if you want a bitch ass character, make them extremely badass but don't forget the next point

ii. flaws, fears and hopes

something that you see in abundance in this show and makes everyone more "real". there's no perfect character which sabotages the show and makes it seem cliche. you see as powerful and wonderful that sabrina is, she does make horrible decisions too so not everything in this show is predictable and i love this, along with the fact that the plot is pretty good.

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2. plot development

oh the plot is great alright, however i have a small complain. episode 10, titled 'the witching hour' shouldn't have ended this way, as in not how sabrina's fate turned out but i want more. we do have an ending for sure but i want more than just the immediate consequences after she ...... (leaving this out bc spoiler alert). instead of just showing me how she burned the 13 witches with hell fire, i want to see just a bit more of how she embraces her witch powers, or uses them in other situations etc. this can be a small conclusion to the season instead of ending it in just a plot twist because i have yet to completely get out of my state of shock. it was kind of abrupt tbh but nonetheless a good ending which i will not discredit.

was thinking they could add a few more scenes to sum it all up as a good link to the possible season 2.

3. the aesthetics are amazing !!

lemme just insert a few scenes here and you can see for yourself...

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houses got the vintage vibes and heck yeah, the woods are creepy enough

the colors you see are basically green, grey, black, brown, red, occasionally some candles and that's pretty much it

a good color combo for spookiness

last words

all in all i highly recommend this short 10 episodes of a show and i am eagerly awaiting for the christmas special as well as a potential season 2. for someone who is hard to please, i really fell in love with this show as well as the characters. i was so upset when i finished the 10 episodes :( i want more!!! it rare for me to fall in love with a show 20mins into it... THIS IS FANTASTIC. please consider watching this! it's a good show even for someone like me who isn't very into sending chills down my spine. had to cover my eyes sooo many times but it was a noteable spooky experience. worth it man. not to mention, i'm so indulge in this fantasy world i want to write another article goes like "if i was a character in CAOS...". also, harvey's kinda cute.