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Hope this will be useful and interesting for those out there who dream of big stories.

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Disclaimer: These are very personal reasons; I'm not saying that instinctive writing is not valid.
I just wanted to point out the reasons why I plan stories (especially long works and wannabe-novels) as a introduction to the narrative arcs and plots' planning methods I wanto talk about.

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#1 Control over the plot
If you plan the development of the story you'll have the control over the plot and you'll be able to look at the details, storyline and steps whenever you'll need to ;).

#2 Evitate mistakes and lacks while writing
Sometimes you have to correct something that its incongruous with your idea or plot, or just don't remember something that would have happend in that scene, maybe you have troubles with the world building and the details. With a planned storyline it will be easier.

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#3 A shorter drafting time
Writers can block if they don't have ideas to continue the story. Plan it can make us write fastly and more productively.

#4 Create a f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s plot
We have the time to think and revise the storyline to make it better, to make it catchy, even planning each chapter and scene if we want to (more useful for those who write plays/screenplays)

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#5 Have a stable story to work on
When we write with no planning a long work can be hard to develop with a solid foundation. But when we plan and develop a plot (or just the key storyline points), seeing the whole thing we think of questions. The anwers to this key points and last doubts can make the story solid and coherent.

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