Dear Pathetic Self ,
You know that you've been lost for a while,
And that you feel nothing
But pain and Regret,
So take a break .

You know it's sometimes hard,
When you see you've achieved nothing And gained but pain,
And whatever you've ever had, you lost in a wind blow,
Friends, lovers and even strangers that were someday supporting you.

But I beg you with all I own,
Don't lose hope,
For when Hope is lost,
Nothing will build your shattered bones.

Trust in yourself even though you can't,
For that people come and go,
And your trust in them leaves you in pain.

Control your issues,
Solve your own's.

Because Dear Pathetic Self, in this world,
There's nothing faker than someone,
Telling you to trust in them,
And they'll save your words.

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.: P.S :: I really don't have a clue about what I wrote, the only thing I know is that my life had blacked out , and that I'm so fucked up, living in a hell whole, mentally I'm destroyed, physically I'm dead, I have been out of WHI for nearly two months, but I tried to make it back here, so you know that I missed you all and that I am so desperate for any kind of support, so please don't hate on me

all the love I can afford, Xx