Hi guys! Enjoy reading some of my thoughts!

So why I don't like my country weather? I am currently living in Malaysia. Malaysia's climate is categorised as equatorial region. Sometimes it's being hot and humid but sometimes it's always a rainy day. It depends on the months. As Malaysian of course I prefer Malaysia to stay rainy everyday because when it comes to hot weather, it's really exhausting. Lately, my country is having a rainy day.

During the hot weather, I'm always be thinking that "how good if I live in the 4 seasons country, I can live in the winter!", "always in the low celcius". I have travel a lot to some of 4 seasons country and the weather always impressed me! I love the country that have a breezy cold weather so much! Not to forget, I really love winter season but when I go travel to some places, I always don't get the opportunity to touch the snow. That is one of my bucket list as a population in one of South East Asia country.

You guys who is living in the country that I adore just now are so lucky!! But sometimes I feel grateful for my country, no offence!

That's all from me. Sorry if my English is bad, this is not my first language but I've tried!