i was inspired by an article from @soldatboy

godly parent

poseidon, mythology, and aesthetic image poseidon, percy jackson, and blue image ocean, blue, and water image aesthetic, ancient, and gift image
Poseidon, the god of the sea, earthquakes and horses.


Summer Montez


girl, aesthetic, and sea image Temporarily removed
blonde hair with deep blue eyes


black, fashion, and kfashion image girl, skate, and skateboard image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
she has a very chill and tomboyish style


arrow, archery, and bow image
bow and arrow


artsy, disney, and florida image friends, funny, and quotes image quotes, sunshine, and hurricane image slytherin, green, and venom image
Summer is very sarcastic and a pro at telling really bad (yet funny) jokes. she is always there for her best friends but she gets annoyed and loses her patience very easily.


boy, eyes, and aesthetic image horse and sea image
Percy Jackson, half-brother, son of Poseidon. (they are really close)


Temporarily removed aesthetic and fire image
Leo Valdez
girl, hair, and pretty image gold, neon, and yellow image
Hazel Levesque
Temporarily removed art, drawing, and architecture image
Annabeth Chase
ulzzang, girl, and icon image flowers, rose, and inspiration image
Baxter Hwang, daughter of Demeter
Temporarily removed yellow, aesthetic, and room image
Hugo Flemmings, son of Apollo


lara jean, actor, and boys image Image removed
Garrett Samuels, son of Hermes

strongest aspect of Poseidon

sea, quotes, and mood image Temporarily removed
his bad temper