In this article, I'm doing #TheRandomQuestionsChallenge created by @paulien_99 - thank you for coming up with something so fun!

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Eternal smile
Eternal smile

1 | ❛what is your zodiac sign?❜

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Virgo - quite shy, loyal and a perfectionist, something that drives me insane sometimes but I have to say that thanks to that quality, I put my heart and soul into everything I do - from painting to cleaning the bathroom selves.

2 | ❛where would you go, if you could travel anywhere?❜

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I would love to visit either Italy or Japan, those are two countries I respect and admire the most

3 | ❛which celebrity do you look up to?❜

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Ariana Grande's attitude and confidence are admirable and I think that she has a great personality, too. She inspires me in different ways and I enjoy her music a lot.

4 | ❛what is your guilty pleasure?❜

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Cliche but yeah, everything sweet.

5 | ❛are you a mountain or a sea person?❜

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It isn't that I don't like beaches - I do enjoy going for a swim during summer - but I am a mountain person. I would choose a forest over any beach hands down.

6 | ❛which song always cheers you up?❜

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The song that doesn't fail to cheer me up lately is Ease by Troye Sivan. It doesn't necessarily make me all festive and energetic but I find that it is very calm - it gently wooshes bad thoughts and feelings away and I always feel better after listening to it.

7 | ❛is there a fantasy world you would like to live in? if so, which one?❜

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I haven't really thought about it. Each time I start a new book, series or movie, I try to picture myself as a part of the universe the story is happening in but I never found myself preferring one over the other. If I had to choose, though, I would probably pick the Harry Potter world or the Shadowhunter universe.

8 | ❛which is your lucky number?❜

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I always do stuff right the first time I try them and I fail all the other times so I guess my lucky number is one

9 | ❛if you could choose one element for bending, what would it be?❜

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Either the wind or the water, I think.

10 | ❛what is one thing you can't live without?❜

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Okay, this is the toughest one. I could live just fine with nothing but food but food is an obvious answer so I will say stories - books, series, movies, podcasts, anything that introduces me to a different reality.

11 | ❛what's your favorite sad song?❜

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Daddy Issues by The Neighborhood is one song I love crying to.

12 | ❛which app are you addicted to?❜

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I'm proud to say that I am not addicted to any app anymore (yay!) but I'm taking it that this supposed to mean "which app do you use the most", in which case it's We Heart It.

13 | ❛are you a morning or an evening person?❜

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Is it possible to be both?

14 | ❛who's your favorite youtuber?❜

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Thomas Sanders

15 | ❛if you could switch your life with someone for a day, who would that be?❜

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Eva Gutowski

16 | ❛what's your favorite color?❜

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I like cold colors a lot, especially bluish greens but I don't really have one favorite.

17 | ❛what's a random interest or passion of yours?❜

Astrophysics. Actually, everything science related combined with space is intriguing to me.

18 | ❛do you prefer sunrises or sunsets?❜

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Sunrises make me feel hopeful. Sunsets make me feel nostalgic. It depends more on what I want to be feeling that day so I can't really answer - they are the same thing in reverse.

19 | ❛what's your favorite swear word?❜

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I love British swear words, my favorite ones are bell and blooming

20 | ❛if you could ask yourself one question, what would it be?❜

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Can I be proud of you?

That was it~!
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