Okay so these are just my opinions and my preferences and i am not putting anything against anyone and I am not pointing out a single group of people who do these things and these are just based off of my experiences.

Look I know that this is a normal bodily thing but to me this is gross and I don't even like when I have to do and I feel like people should at least be discreet like I do about it.

People who talk while your talking:
Like I just don't understand how hard it is to wait till someone is finished talking to speak its just rude.

People who are are always in my business or conversation:
Its okay if you want to join in a conversation with good things to say but when people have an attitude and nothing but rude things to say it's beyond annoying.

People who are full of drama:

People like this are annoying to me because they can never have a good conversation they always have to talk about fighting someone all the time and it just ain't cute.

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People who take other peoples words and make them something they aren't:
These people are bad because they try to pin everything on you and make you seem like a bad person when really it was just an opinion.

People who think everything is about them:
These people are annoying because the world doesn't revolve around these people and every time someone opens their moth they immediately want to attack not knowing that they weren't even being talked about in the first place.

When people lie for no reason:
I'm not saying that there aren't people who tell little white lies here and there everyone lies but its completely different when people have absolutely no reason for lying and do it anyway.

When people try to hard to be something that they aren't:
This is annoying because I get the fact that we live in the age where being yourself results in a lot of judgment but I think people should get to the point of comfortability with themselves and not care what people say or think of them.

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People who think that they are better than others:
These people are so annoying because they put themselves over everyone else and belittle everyone to make themselves feel better.

People who eat in bathrooms:
This is just so unsanitary to me like I will never understand the things that people do and this is one of them.

Unsanitary Bathrooms:
I hate this because they make me cringe and I just find these disgusting.

People who don't text back:
This is also annoying because I don't see how hard it is to take out your phone and tap on it the average person I know is on their phone a good percent of the time so why not just be cool and text back.

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Bossy people who think that they run everything:
This bothers me to the max because these people also put themselves over everyone else and act like they control people.

People who take everything serious:
This is just crazy because not everything is meant to be taken serious I think that people like this could just lighten up and have a good time if they weren't so stuck up.

People who ruin the vibe by saying something negative:
I get that everyone is not going to always be in a good mood by why be in a conversation where everyone is having a good time just to make it weird and awkward with a bad attitude.

Lastly,People who speak ill of the dead:

To me this is just so sickening and I feel as though these people have some real issues that they need to deal with. The families of people that have passed should not have to go to social media and see the hurtful things that people are saying about their loved ones so what if those people didn't live the lives that people may have wanted to and so what if they did some messed up things who hasn't??People should get over it and if they don't have anything nice to say then don't say anything at all.

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