I know. The most difficult part of any journey is moving on. Trying to forget everything and start again is not as easy as it sounds. It takes a lot of courage.
Lately I have promised myself that I will do whatever it takes to live a better life. I suffer from social anxiety, but I am trying to overcome that. I have started talking to new people without the fear of what they might think of me. I have just started a Youtube Channel and uploaded my first video. Im doing things that scare me. Im trying to improve. We all can improve. It doesnt matter where you start. All you have to do is take your first step, and then keep on taking steps and never stop in life. One day you will look back and you will be amazed by how far you have come.
I was depressed, sad, lonely....but hey, that was the past. God has blessed me with "Now". With every breath i take, Im being blessed with another chance at life. All we have to do is try and never give up.
I guarantee, you will be so happy one day that you will forget you ever were sad in the first place. Just dont give up. Love and be loved. :)