Hi! Those last weeks I've been taken so many photos for my photography class and I was thinking, why not add a photo article to my publications?

That's the reason why I already posted a lot of photos in my collection "Photography Portfolio". Here is the link!

Well, If you like to take photos like a hobby, this article could like you.

beach, camera, and city image

If you're starting on that and you don't have a professional camera DON'T WORRY. Use your phone. Sometimes, it doesn't matter If you don't have the necessary things to take the perfect photos, it just needs your love and passion for the action you doing and, of course, some tips to take photos.

I started taking photos with my phone, I was always like "I need a phone with a good camera" or "I need a camera", but in that time I couldn't get anything, so, I decided to play with the settings of the camera and play with the exposition and that kind of thing that every camera's phone have.

Image by Mildred Estefania

For example, that pic was took with my phone, and I took advantage of the sunlight but I also configured the exposition for have a warm and kinda dark photo.

Now, everyone have a type of photo that can do better, for example, mine is all about nature.

Image by Mildred Estefania

And how I figured out about that? Well, I've been taken photos about almost everything and that helped me to know in what type of photography I'm good at. And I hope that this also help you to know that...

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First thing you have to do, It's try to take photos about the next ones:

-Nature: like flowers, plants, skies, landscapes, fruits.

photography image

-Animals: If you have a pet, take photos of that!! And If you don't have a pet, it doesn't matter, go out if you can and search for a fly, an ant, a butterfly and any animal you see.

cat and photography image

-People: and this doesn't mean to take selfies haha, Call your friend or someone of trust and take photos of that person. You can take inside your house or outside, wherever you like!

adventure, beach, and bikini image

-Products: like, whatever? I think... Take an eraser, jewerly, toys, perfumes, clothes, and that type of stuff and take so many cool photos about it!

photography image

-Food: This can be a DARE! Try to take pics of your food before eat it. Haha, just kidding! But I know that this can be kinda hard because YOU'RE HUNGRY AND YOU JUST WANT TO EAT, but also, you wanna have a cool photo about food in your feed of instagram.

This situation happened to me a so many times! I was needing to take photos about food for a homework but I was so hungry that I really forgot to do it!

But okay, try to take pics of your breakfast, lunch or dinner. It can be about coffee, cookies and everything you can eat!

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And the last type of photos you can try to do, it's when you see something you like and well, let's do it and try to take a pic of that!!

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When you try all of the last thing that I write, you'll find out what kind of photos you can do better!

Then, If you can, buy a semi professional camera If you want to start taking more cool photos than before or you just can buy a professional one!

camera, mountains, and photography image

And well, some tips to take photos on your phone are trying to play with the light, shadows. If your camera have the pro camera included, play all the time with that! Specially with the ISO, read about it and put it into practice! And if you want to edit your photos or add a filter, I recommend you to have VSCO Cam and that will help you a lot.

flower, filmcamera, and filmphotography image

Don't forget to be creative and have fun taking photos!

Ps: I use my phone to take photos and also I have a semi professional camera: Sony Cybershoot (if you have doubts)