hufflepuff ; muggle
fifth year
holly's boyfriend ; friends with valentine & levi


Temporarily removed attractive, back, and beauty image boy, caos, and couple image Best, book, and boy image
curly hair that he forgets to cut sometimes ; so many freckles ; always smiling with dimples ; a vintage hipster aesthetic with too many jean jackets


pretty, sun, and sunshine image quote and Sunny image flowers, quotes, and sad image quotes, meme, and funny image
never wants to get out of bed in the mornings ; is the actual sun ; highkey indecisive about things ; has a really sarcastic sense of humor, but will apologize so much if it offends someone

favorite class:

gif image harry potter, hogwarts, and history of magic image architecture, old, and castle image book, vintage, and old image
history of magic ; loves reading about magic ; amazed at how different the wizarding world is


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hufflepuff team's seeker ; a frequent visitor of the three broomsticks ; absolutely loves reading, mainly non-fiction ; listens to soft indie music a lot when he's alone ; always introduces new songs to holly