"We're still gonna be friends next year right?" I asked sitting in the passenger's seat of his car, parked on the very top of a parking garage. The clear daylight beginning to fade into the warm orange glow of the evening lit the clouds before us. We had skipped school that day and had found our own parking lot paradise, just us two at the very top of the garage.

He looked at me smiling, "What do you mean?".

"Like we're still gonna talk and stuff next year right?" I explained further. He had become such a constant in my life that I didn't really remember what my life looked with out him. However, being the cynic that I was, I knew he'd eventually leave. That's what I told myself from the very beginning. That's what I say about everyone. Everyone leaves. That's a basic fact of life that people just have to accept. It's not a bad thing; people change, people grow and people leave. It's just hard when you're not expecting it.

"Yes dummy. Why wouldn't we?" He assured, outlining my hand absent-mindedly.

"I don't know. You know, you might get bored of me by then." I half joked, staring at out hands, trying to avoid looking him in the eyes. He stoped tracing my hand and grabbed it bringing my attention back towards him.

"We hang out all the time right now. I skipped the whole day of school to hang out with you and sit in my car. Would I do that with someone I didn't like?" He looked at me trying to get his point across. Looking in my eyes to try to see if what he had just said had been comprehended. I guess he could still see the doubt in my eyes. He sighed, "Ok I promise we'll still be friends next year" holding up his pinky like how little kids seal a promise. I laughed a little, amused by his childish solution to get me to trust his word. I locked my pinky with his and started to pull away.

"Wait! You have to lock it." He said, moving both of our hands so our thumbs touch overtop our locked pinkies. "Okay now it's done" He stated releasing my pinky from his; reclining his seat all the way back to try to get out of the bright light of the setting sun. The golden light made him look so beautiful. So pure. So perfect. "Maybe he wasn't going to leave me. Maybe he was going to be the one to stay; at least for a little" I thought to myself.

"...promise we'll still be friends next year...wait! You have to lock it...okay now it's done..." His promise lingered in my head.