Temporarily removed All Alone, bae, and bff image couple, acacia, and friends image Temporarily removed
couple, love, and goals image Temporarily removed luxury, design, and house image hyuna, hongkong, and kpop image
02. Where you would like to be in 10 years
model, cigarette, and red image alcohol, car, and aesthetic image Abusive image Temporarily removed
03. Views on drugs and alcohol
pink, wallpaper, and background image Buddha, sunset, and light image Temporarily removed travel, brazil, and jesus image
04. Your views on religion

05. Time you thought about ending your life

Chucky, black and white, and movie image Temporarily removed annabelle and doll image 666, aesthetic, and aesthetics image
06. Worst fear
gemini image aquarius, aries, and gemini image aquarius, aries, and astrology image astrology, gemini, and zodiac sign image
07. Zodiac Sign
christmas, holiday, and winter image Temporarily removed pizza, food, and yummy image party, music, and concert image
08. Moment you feel satisfied with your life
dog, animal, and puppy image love, couple, and kiss image royal family image Image removed
09. How you hope your future will be like
beach, night, and sea image boy, city, and hipster image Temporarily removed tequila, lemon, and party image
10. First love and first kiss
dreams, missing you, and loml image Image by hhj hip hop, Mc, and music image chris brown, music, and love image
11. Songs, when you shuffle spotify
art, beautiful, and blonde image Image removed Image by cassi (ʚĭɞ) party, music, and concert image
12. Bullet your whole day
Temporarily removed kawaii, tokyo, and cute image finland, travel, and igloo image cairo and egypt image
13. Somewhere you would like to visit
disney, fun, and sunset image Sri Lanka and crocodile baby image dog, cute, and animal image Mature image
14. earliest memory
tiger, animal, and car image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed fashion and style image
15. favorite tumblr
ariana grande, dangerous woman, and ariana image Temporarily removed Drake, pink, and hotline bling image purpose, justin bieber, and bieber image
16. favorite mainstream music
board, girl, and lifestyle image Mature image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
17. highs and lows past year
animal, city, and home image aesthetic, creepy, and dark image karma, pink, and quote image Temporarily removed
18. Your beliefs
Temporarily removed Temporarily removed love, Nina Dobrev, and couple image Image removed
19. Describe your parents
intelligence, education, and quotes image quotes, education, and motivation image education, quotes, and school image Temporarily removed
20. How important you think education is
Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Image removed Image removed
21. Favorite shows
Temporarily removed noah centineo, boy, and noah image zayn malik image maxwell, lx, and 187 image
22. How you changed in the past two years
boy, Hot, and guy image black and white, boy, and sean cavaliere image Temporarily removed zayn malik, zayn, and one direction image
23. Famous, attractive guys
harry potter, book, and hogwarts image Avengers, Marvel, and wallpaper image bill skarsgård and pennywise image disney, finding nemo, and nemo image
24. Favorite movie
egypt, Queen, and cleopatra image Mature image medusa, art, and snake image boy, handsome, and blue eyes image
25. Someone who fascinates you
Temporarily removed boy, smoke, and cigarette image Temporarily removed grunge, boy, and quotes image
26. What kind of person attracts you
chocolate, weight, and funny image Image removed girl, quote, and stress image girl, clothes, and funny image
27. problem that you have had
disney, Dream, and walt disney image green, nature, and forest image Temporarily removed camp rock, hannah montana, and high school musical image
28. Something you miss
aesthetic, book, and hand image Temporarily removed christmas, disney, and winter image friends, light, and city image
29. Goals for next 30 days
board, girl, and lifestyle image friends image Image removed friends, aesthetic, and alternative image
30. Highs and lows this month