When I was little I remember people use to tell me, "Oh, I wish I was a kid again," or, "Enjoy life while you're young," and I remember thinking, "Why? This sucks! I want to be grown up already." You're going to go through many changes as you get older and I know that life is hard right now and you'll always come across difficulties no matter what, but try to enjoy the age that you are now. You'll only get to be this young or old once.

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When you're a teenager you're given so many rules, you live with your mom and the last thing you want to do is homework. But, you have your own room to decorate with rock band posters, you can sneak out of the house and get that adrenaline rush, your car is a pos but it's yours to drive as fast as you want. You can eat junk food for days and not feel guilty, you can wear your boyfriends t-shirt everywhere you go, you can call your friend and gossip about boys, you can paint your nails or dye your hair a crazy color. You can bend the rules and start to figure out your own style or go on crazy midnight adventures with your friends.
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As you get older and chose to go to college or get your own place, you learn to manage your money, and prioritize your time. You can make your own rules, your own habits and routines. You can go shopping for furniture that you chose from Ross or Walmart. You can hang christmas or party lights around the room, pick up a couch from the side of the road and even though it's gross, it's yours! Maybe you share a place with a roommate and learn to live with someone else other than your family. You can do the dishes or not, you can stay up and party or study, you can eat ramen for dinner and not feel bad. You can go out with your girls and meet new people. You start to figure out how to stand on your own.
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After that maybe you'll get a new place or a professional job. You start to work on your physical health, cook healthier meals, and enjoy being you. You get to take control of your own life, cut unhealthy people out of your life and surround yourself with things that truly make you happy. Maybe you'll get a dog or cat, maybe you're in a serious relationship. Whatever is happening, you get more control over what comes in and out of your life. You get to make your own work schedule, you get to think about your next meal, you get to buy new clothes, you learn more and more about yourself as you welcome a new chapter.
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Maybe now you decide to settle down and get married or raise a family. You get to wear a diamond ring, design your wedding, buy a house, and make your husband coffee before he leaves. You get to snuggle with him at night and you get to change your last name. You get the whole house to yourself to take care of, maybe you start to think about having a kid.
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Now you get to go through life raising a baby. You get to argue about whose turn is it next to get up in the middle of the night. You get to hold her when she cries and watch her fall asleep in your arms. You get a forehead kiss from your husband who then decides to make dinner for you. You get to watch her grown up and go to school. You get to be the inspiration for another little human.

Whatever age you are or whatever stage you're in, just remember that you will come across challenges no matter what. You'll feel on top of the world somedays and at rock bottom on others. There will good times and bad times. Try to see the good in life and make the most of what you've got today.