Hi Hearters!

I know it is the middle of the week, but I cannot wait for the weekend to come. Lately working days feel so long... It gets dark early, it is getting colder and colder outside and I personally feel exhausted.

So I though, why not list a couple of thing that I would really enjoy this weekend and share them with you for inspiration? ^.^

#1 Go Shopping

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Buying groceries or things for the hause such as candles, decorations, or even kitchen supplies is always exciting and inspiring when unpacking at home. You could also go shopping for clothes or makeup. I am really into lipsticks lately and I think we could always use one shade darker in addition to the collection. (:

#2 Read a new book or finish one

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I often say that reading is escaping and the weekend is the perfect time to do exactly that. Get comfy with some warm clothes at home and nice music and read. A nice suggestion is "The Wolves of Mercy Falls" trilogy by Maggie Stiefvoter.

#3 Go out for a hot chocolate

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Cozying up with friends over hot cocoa and nice chat is the best spending of a weekend evening.

#4 Watch a movie

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Movies, movies and again MOVIES! Get your significant one to the cinema or just watch a movie at home. It always lights up the mood and provide insipiration like no other. "Love, Rosie", "Nerve" and "The Greatest Showman" are some nice picks.

#5 Spa therapy

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You can do it at home - take a nice long shower or bath, take care of your skin, use some oils for your hair, paint your nails, try a new makeup look.

But most importantly, enjoy the weekend while it lasts! ^.^

xoxo Gabbie ~